North Dakota Music Awards

Q: Do I get in free?

A: At this time only presenters and performers will receive free entrance to the event along with sponsors who have purchased a package that includes comp tickets.  Though we would love nothing more to honor each nominee with a free ticket it is unfortunately not feasible to do without a sponsor.  

Q:  How much does it cost, and where can I get tickets?

A: Ticket prices are $25 if you purchase directly at the Bismarck Events Center (315 S. 5th Street) or at the door (if it doesn't sell out).  You can also purchase them on etix, but please be aware there is an additional fee that etix charges for online transactions.  Tickets can be purchased at

Q:  Is there a block of rooms reserved for nominees?

A:  coming soon

Q:  Who is performing at the event?

A:  coming soon

Q:  Is there a pre or post event?

A:  coming soon

Q:  What should I do if I am a nominee?

A:  coming soon

Q:  What is the dress code?

A:  Pretty much anything goes.  Last year there was an eclectic blend of clothing.  Everything from dress and tuxes to jeans & crazy suits.  It was awesome to see the different personalities represented with each nominee.

Q:  How can I be involved with this event?

A:  We hold open meetings at URL Radio.  Please watch the URL Radio, and NDMA Facebook pages for days and times.  Everyone is welcome.

Q:  What can I do if I would like to sponsor the event?

A:  We LOVE sponsors, and the fact that you would like to help support North Dakota music.  To see sponsorship opportunities please visit, or contact (701)751-0838.

Q:  Why isn't (insert band name here) on the list of nominees?  They are so awesome, and should be on the list.

A:  The individuals, bands, groups & businesses you see listed as finalists for the 2016 ND Music Awards have been nominated by the people of North Dakota through an open nomination process held from September 07, 2015 through November 15, 2015.  The four nominees with the most nominations made it into the finals.  We highly encourage you to keep your favorite band in mind to make sure they aren't missed for next years event.